We really needed this in Arroyo…This hub will help me further my career as a Business Administrator
— Angel, Age 17, Business Student

In partnership with ASPPR, ViaSat and Women’s Campaign Intl, and additional support from JetBlue, Innovative Resilience opened community innovation hubs with satellite communication to help communities build long-term resiliency in Puerto Rico.


In Arroyo, an area of Puerto Rico without even a Library and where more than 50% of the population lives in poverty, we are providing an open facility to build local capacity and capabilities. The center provides access to free satellite internet connectivity, computers, and skill-building workshops. Located inside public health medical clinics, our centers also serves as an emergency response center to support the community when the next hurricane hits. 

Since our opening, we have had over 2000+ people work in our small space. 75% do not have reliable or any other access to the Internet, and 95% have never worked in a co-working space. Our space is mainly being used by: Students, Mothers, Patients of the medical clinic and Local business owners. We have over 20+ partners who provide free online and in person workshops or technology solutions.

I’m glad the center is finally open… [I] bring my daughter here and do my own research while she gets the help and tools she needs to complete her assignments.
— Angelica Maria

Visit the Center


Located inside Centro de Salud Familiar Dr. Julio Palmieri Ferri, Arroyo, the center is open to anyone who would like to come visit.


Gallery of Photos from Arroyo Center