Technology Enables Resilient Communities

Innovative Resilience has focused on socially isolated communities without reliable access to the Internet with a goal to spark sustainable community development on a path to a resilient future. Our program has brought satellite connectivity, technology devices and training creating community centers for the digital age. 


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Our work is guided by the SDGs and we work to bring technology, connectivity and innovation to provide economic development and opportunities for communities to enter the digital age.

The Community Center for the Digital Age

Inspired by the historic role of the "Plaza Mayor” in Latino communities, our "Resiliency Hubs," are creating a centralized place to coordinate the local communities’ visioning for the future. Hubs provide:

  • Open 6 days a week

  • Public access to Free Wifi through Viasat satellite connectivity

  • Public access to Computers, 3D printer, design tools, maker tools

  • Available open co-working space

  • Available workshops in the areas of emergency response, health & wellness, leadership, small business development 

  • Access to Emergency Response Resources

Empowering a Local Voice

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Along the walls of the innovation hub are three interactive questions: 

  • What are the talents of the people in your community?

  • What are the remarkable aspects and qualities of your community?

  • What is your community lacking? 

Through intentional interactive action with the different community members visiting the hub, we are able to identify specifics in community’s plans and ideas of empowerment, that are lacking resources to help drive those ideas to their full potential. 

Engaging Women

Gender equality is an important issue that we foster in our hubs. Our partner, Women’s Campaign International, supports leadership and skill development among women and girls.

Specifically, Innovative Resilience provides:

Viable Employment - Our hubs hire local women as facilitators for the space creating viable employment and a leadership role within the community. 

Empowerment Workshops - With partners, we run a series of leadership workshops aimed at empowering local women. As an example, Girls’ Voices training program is run virtually through our connectivity for groups of local teenaged girls teaching them the basics of digital storytelling. 

Female Entrepreneurship - We provide business mentorship for female entrepreneurs and have helped numerous women apply for funding, work to develop their ideas and/or expand their current business.